IFAP World Farmers' Congress 36th World Farmers' Congress 29 May - 4 June 2004, Washington D.C., USA Farmers speaking for themselves Français Español About IFAP Members Issues Development News Links More documents of the Congress will be available shortly. Press Releases : 2 June 2004 ; 4 June Conclusions, Industrial Concentration, Poverty, Environment . Statements: IFAP Recommendations for eliminating rural poverty and achieving food security, World Farmers Congress, 29 May-4 June 2004, Washington, U.S.A. Speeches : IFAP President Opening Plenary speech Documents Some pictures Programme News Brochure (pdf) The IFAP WFC 2004 is hosted by the National Farmers Union of the USA (NFU) The Congress : The World Farmers’ Congress is the flagship event of IFAP and a unique forum where farmers speak for themselves internationally. This Congress is the occasion to challenge world leaders on global issues, such as the WTO trade negotiations, water, food security and industrial concentration. For over 50 years, inter-governmental organisations have been mandated to eliminate hunger and poverty, and place the world on a sustainable path for global economic development. The results are not very impressive. In Washington D.C., farmers joined together in IFAP to put pressure on international governmental organisations to produce some convincing results. Farmers’ lives and livelihoods depend upon it. The key to winning this battle is for farmers to organise themselves. Only then will farmers’ concerns be placed front and centre of the development agenda. Farmers ... The WFC attracts farm leaders from across the globe. It brings together all IFAP member organisations and IFAP partners as well as observers. Over 400 participants from 70 countries. Policy ... IFAP policy priorities for the next two years are established during this biennial Congress . Dialogue … Farmers exchange views, and dialogue, with international leaders . Elections ... The IFAP President, the 24 members of the Executive Committee, as well as the presidents of all IFAP's committees and working groups are elected at this event. It operates by the principle of one vote per country. IFAP-FIPA IFAP