Recent Highlights FARMERS' PRIORITIES FOR ACTION for the UN Commission on Sustainable Development The CSD-17 will be held between May 4 and 15 2009. An Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting will take place between February 23 and 27 2009. IFAP, as the focal point of the Farmers' Major Group within the CSD, will be lobbying on behalf of world farmers, urging governments to increase their engagement with farmers and incorporate priorities centered on sustainable agricultural development into their policies and budgets in order to move forward in reducing poverty and conserving natural resources. IFAP released the "Farmers' Priorities for Action" , which outlines IFAP's main lobbying points and policy positions. IFAP at Davos: President Ajay Vashee Puts Farmers on the Agenda Vashee addressed key agricultural issues at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2009 in Davos. He spoke at the event Unlocking the Food Chain, where he addressed global supply chains, most of which are not global in scope nor can they supply the world’s needs. He pushed for investment in local supply chains through a regional approach to develop economies and reach the critical mass required to warrant investment decisions and achieve sustainable supply chains in which farm gate prices are above the cost of production. Vashee met with global leaders, including Bill Gates, Ban Ki-moon, Jacques Diouf, Josette Sheeran and Ministers of Agriculture from around the world, stressing that agriculture is a business and farmers are the entrepreneurs who can translate good ideas and innovations into mutual benefit to achieve global food security. more... IFAP President Ajay Vashee gives speech on price volatility at the conference "Agricultural prices: middle term outlook and implications for farmers and public policies" Farmers at the Center of Climate Change Solutions A strong delegation of 20 IFAP representatives participated in the United Nations Convention Framework on Climate Change Conference. IFAP urged parties to the Convention and policy makers to recognize the particular nature of agriculture in the design of this new climate deal. More... IFAP to FAO: Mainstream Interaction with Farmers in the New FAO Culture From November 18-22 at the Thirty-fifth (special) Session of the FAO Conference in Rome, which approved the $42.6 million, three-year Immediate Plan of Action of the Independent External Evaluation (IEE), a reform initiative blueprint that will drastically change the structure of the FAO, IFAP actively participated in the discussion and brought forth the views of farmers. More...   IFAP President Speaks at National Press Club of Australia IFAP President Ajay Vashee was invited to give a keynote speech together with former World Food Program Exectuive Director Jim Ingram at the National Press Club of Australia, a prestigous forum. Click here for the full text of the speech. IFAP at the FAO Committee on World Food Security At the 34th session of FAO's Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in Rome, October 14-17 , t here was clear consensus that the solution to the food crisis is bold policies and follow-up on pledges made by national governments. Jacques Diouf, Director General of the FAO noted that only 10% of the $22 billion pledged by national governments in June has materialized.  IFAP made several interventions on behalf of farmers, lobbying for ... more... World Food Day 2008: Climate Change, Bioenergy and Effects on the Poor With the focus of this year’s World Food Day on climate change, bioenergy and the effects on the poor, IFAP calls upon governments and international organizations to support farmers in adapting to climate change, while increasing global food security and benefiting from the opportunity offered by sustainable bioenergy production as an alternative source of income. Governments manage to inject hundreds of billions to shore up weakened financial systems but meaningful support for farmers to address climate change issues and to create sustainable bioenergy production that benefit the poor seems to be afterthought. more...   © 2008 International Federation of Agricultural Producers. All rights reserved.     Join our mailing list Your E-mail address:                     IFAP